Anna’s debut novel will be released May 20, 2020 on Unnamed Press. Pre-order here or here.

Praise for Vagablonde

"A fantastic novel that feels contemporary in all the right ways. In the world of VAGABLONDE, fame is more important than mental health, good lighting is more important than food, and ‘thriving’ is more important than any mundane obligation. Anna Dorn’s sentences are sharp and addictive, absorbing me completely into this world of music, friendship, and self-interrogation." Chelsea Hodson, author of TONIGHT I'M SOMEONE ELSE

"A novel about dissociation, VAGABLONDE conveys a surprisingly deep emotional journey. With acerbic wit and a keen eye for sensory detail, Dorn perfectly renders banal tragedies, bleary morning afters, and creative dreams both lost and found." Catie Disabato, author of THE GHOST NETWORK